How to fix disk error: You need to format the disk in Drive (E:) before you can use it.

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    You just connected that flash drive or external hard drive that contains a lot of your important data to a PC and “pop” an error message appears:


    Don’t be in a hurry just yet, to click on the Format Disk button, remember if you click on this option your data is as good as gone. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will get the disk working after formatting so let’s take some pragmatic steps in order to resolve this issue. If all else fails, we can then consider the Format option.

    SOLUTION 1: Try out other USB ports on your system and see if the disk can be detected properly, if this works then fine else go on to the next method.

    SOLUTION 2: Open command prompt in administrative mode and type in the following commands

    Chkdsk E: /f (Replace the E: with the corresponding drive letter on your own system)


    The command chkdsk E: checks the disk for errors and the /f switch forces it to repair any bad sector on it if any.

    METHOD 3: Try connecting the drive to another PC.

    METHOD 4: Try using any third party disk repair or data recovery tool a highly recommended one would be: the free Easeus Partition Maker. You can download it here. It’s Partition Recovery Wizard option can be deployed to recover your data and back it up on your system then proceed to reformatting and partitioning of the drive. There after you can return your data back to the disk and access it normally.

    Note: If all the methods stated above fails then you would lose your data on the device hence it is always advised that you have several backups of your important data.

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