How to clear error codes on DSTV In Nigeria

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    DSTV has the Largest subscriber base for satellite TV viewing in Nigeria. With over 4 million active subscribers, there is bound to be issues when it comes down to customer support.

    Customers often complain that whenever they visit a DSTV office for any form of support; they spend a lot of valuable time on long queues. One of the major issues customers encounter are the different error codes that spring up from time to time which can be attributed to several reasons. However, these issues can be addressed from the comfort of one’s home. Here are some self-service tips that you can follow when you encounter any of the usual error codes.

    TIP 1: on your mobile device, open the SMS application and type in the following: RA leave a space and type in the first 10 digits of your DSTV smartcard number and send it to 30333. For example: RA 4119292456 to 30333. A token amount of N10 will be deducted as SMS charge and you will get a reply from DSTV confirming if the issue has been resolved or not.

    TIP 2: Either using a PC or mobile device with internet access, open the DSTV Easy Self Service site



    · Click on the fix error button

    · Type in your DSTV smartcard number while ensuring that your decoder is powered on and your smartcard is firmly fixed inside it.

    · Click on the drop down arrow and select the exact error code that displays on your decoder

    · Type in the Captcha text in the space provided

    · Press the fix error button.

    Note: This method has so many other functions that you can choose from depending on your needs.

    TIP 3: If the issue has not been resolved after trying the first two tips then you can go on to contact DSTV call center on any of the following toll free numbers:

    MTN: 081498660333

    GLO: 08113630333

    AIRTEL: 07080630333

    ETISALAT: 09090630333

    By following any or all of the tips stated above the probability of getting your problem solved is almost certain.


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