Chrome 68: To flag all HTTP sites as 'NOT SECURE' from July of 2018

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    In July of 2018, google intends rolling out the Chrome 68 update as announced yesterday. This update will flag all web sites using HTTP as ‘NOT SECURE’ in a bid to ensure that websites are using the more secure HTTPS for protection of users’ sensitive data between their browser and a web server.

    Google had already started implementing this on some sites as far back as January, 2017 when google released the Chrome 56 update, then any HTTP site that required user data entry fields (Like credit card details and password) was marked as ‘NOT SECURE’. However, for the Chrome 68 update all sites using HTTP will be marked as ‘NOT SECURE’ there will be no exclusions.

    How the current version of chrome is treating HTTP pages vs Chrome 68

    Google had said the grace period is almost over but the good news however according to them is that 81 of the top 100 sites on the internet are now using HTTPS by default and that 80 percent of chrome traffic on both chrome OS and mac have been protected. While 70 percent of Chrome on Windows and 68 percent of Chrome on android have been protected respectively.

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